About your Captain

Capt. John Barrera has been fishing the lower Laguna Madre ever since he was two yrs. old with the help of his father, who has been a guide for more than 30 years. His father helped him grow his passion for fishing, hunting and how to respect for the outdoors, which helped him grow to be the guide he is today. Capt. John first started fishing when he entered in local fishing tournaments at a young age, which would lead him to set the Texas state record for the biggest stingray (which he still holds to this day) and winning a CCA STAR scholarship. He started taking guiding seriously when people kept asking to take them fishing so it was an easy move for him to be a guide. When Capt. John isn’t out on the water, he’s setting up hunts for his clients whether it’s a hog hunt or a dove hunt. Capt. John has built great relationships with other outfitters and guides that make him a well-rounded guide. If you want to have a cast & blast weekend, Capt. John is your man and will make sure everything goes as planned. Capt. John is also able to help clients if they want to do a fishing tournament for their company or just want to see what a tournament is all about. If you do decide you want to do a fishing tournament, Capt. John will try his hardest to help you win and will make sure you have a great time doing it. If you decide to take a fishing trip with Capt. John, you won’t regret it

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