Night Fishing

What is night fishing and what will we be doing?

As your guide, I will take you to places on the island to wade or out on my boat in the bay, where you will see the difference of the fish bite during the day vs the night. I recommend this only during the week of a full moon since it is easier to see and the fish will be more active.

What is needed?

Depending on the temp. of the water and the weather, you may need waders or just wading boots. Same as my day trips, all tackle and bait are provided but you will need to have your fishing license, a headlamp and a good attitude.

Is there anything else that needs to be known?

I can either meet wherever you are staying, and we can ride together to my spots or we can meet somewhere to make our way to the area. I will clean and package your fish however you like. We will start fishing from when the sun goes down until we have our limits or until 2 A.M. It will be $150 per person and booking will be needed

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